Our Capacity is from .968” I.D up to 18” I.D.

 3" Minimum Stroke Thru 15’ (Blind Bottom) or
   25’ (Open End Cylinders)

 8-12 Microfinish

 Close Tolerances Held Within .001

Excellent Turnaround Time
Honing Specialties . . . .

Blind Hole:  
We are able to hone as close as possible to the back of blind holes, with       
                     very little taper.

Cylinder:  Our cylinders are honed to exact specifications.  We are always accurate and  
                  always on time!

Irregular Shape:  Many honing companies have a hard time setting up irregular shaped  
                              honing jobs.  We are always up front with customers when advising      
                              and quoting these types of jobs.
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Eastlake, OH  44095

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